In Endless Loop,

humanity's irresponsible and non-sustainable actions on Earth have led to an environment that is severly degraded,

one that is no longer suitable for the human race to thrive and prosper.

Thus, humanity following the discovery of faster than light travel,

took to the stars in search of salvation and prosperity.

This has led to a new age of exploration as these pioneers discovered planets that contained alien lifeforms,

new resources and even relics and artifacts from seemingly extinct intelligent alien civilizations.

These new resources and artifacts have resulted in new techonlogies being within the grasp of humanity,

with the potential to forever change our destiny.

Endless Loop Consists of 3 Primary Elements:

- Planets

- Space Stations

- Gameplay

Endless Loop features an enormous galaxy made up of numerous planets,

each of which has its own unique landscapes and resources for mining,

exploring, and hunting.

Players can explore these galaxies,

crafting and building facilities that allow them better protection from enemies or which offer higher mining efficiency.

In order to travel between these planets,

players will be required to work together to build space stations around a planet's orbit.

This process will mirror the process of SocialFi crowdfunding with in-game resources.

You incentivize other users to help you out on your planetary mission,

creating a process that mirrors real-world economic dynamics.

Once you've created your space station,

you can then travel to the specified planet using a spaceship.

In Endless Loop, the core gameplay will revolve around exploring, questing, mining,

and crafting as you build up your character resources,

while you'll also be able to hunt and fight alien creatures and even domesticate and breed the more docile species in both PVE and PVP game modes.

Players will be able to team up with other players to form Guilds,

and ultimately lead to massive Guild wars as you fight to attain higher yields.

Endless Loop will feature a variety of NFTs,

available for the player to craft once they possess the necessary blueprint and resources needed.

To name just a few, players will have the option to craft various weapons and gear that are key to survival,

vehicles used to traverse across the alien planets and structures used in base building.

All these NFTs can be brought back to Terminus to be bought and sold in the marketplace.

At the core of the economy of Endless Loop will be the utility token found in the game.

The resources gained by players via mining can be coverted to our utility token and then brought to Terminus where players will be able to swap on DEXs or purchase NFTs ranging from comestic upgrades for their player avatar to new weapons,

gear and equipment for usage in Endless Loop.

The longterm sustainability of the economy within Endless Loop is a focal point for our team and finding the right balance with player rewards is crucial.

While we are a Play-To-Earn game,

we want to circumvent a common issue found in other offerings in the space where those willing to invest a larger amount of funds into the experience often results in other players not being able to compete on a similar level.

Therefore Endless Loop is structured where players are incentivized to band together in order to complete higher level quests that are available and to craft the various higher level ingame NFTs.

Appealing to a wide spectrum of gamers from different economic backgrounds is very important to us and we've built the economy in a way where all players can find a suitable and more importantly,

a fun role in the larger ecosystem regardless of their investment.