Terminus is the decentralized virtual metaverse platform in Ultiverse built on BNB Chain in Unreal Engine 5.

It serves as our community's central hub, allowing users to interact with others in real-time while browsing and discovering content.

They will also have access to various lands where the owners are free to build and create whatever they want.

Imagine Terminus just like the city you currently live in, but within the Ultiverse,

with vacant land ready for new users to occupy and build on.

It has land for public buildings and the economic infrastructures seen in DeFi.

Terminus will function the same way as a real-world city,

providing users with access to all the same amenities and more,

making your stay an immersive and exciting experience.

Essentially, Ultiverse has taken the essentials of a real-world city and recreated them on-chain.

From the beginning of Ultiverse's conception, the team regarded the graphics as a crucial tenet of the platform,

as it's one of the keys to providing a truly immersive AAA gaming experience for players.

With that goal in mind, Ultiverse is being developed using the groundbreaking Unreal Engine 5.

By taking full advantage of new features such as Lumen and Nanite,

Terminus will feature photorealistic models and dynamic lighting, all rendered in real time.

Terminus also acts as a portal, with gates connecting users to all the games available on the Ultiverse platform.

Unlike other metaverse projects, Terminus City will be the first metaverse platform utilizing Unreal Engine 5.

Using Unreal Engine 5, the team can provide players with impressive and realistic graphics,

creating a more immersive experience coupled with different varietys of gameplay modes which they can choose from.

1. Ultimate Center: The starting lobby of Terminus City, the birthplace of all players. From there, they will receive quests and travel via gates to other Ultiverse games.

2. UExhibition: Terminus City's exhibition hall, where rare collectibles from the world of the Ultiverse will be exhibited (Rare collectibles from businesses and players can also be displayed).

3. NFT Gallery: Terminus City's NFT Gallery, where Electric Sheep or other metaverse NFTs (which will provide cross-chain functionality) will be presented for exhibitions.

4. Bazaar: Terminus City's marketplace where users can buy or trade everything from weapons, creatures, ships, vehicles etc. acquired in Terminus City.

5. The Arcade: Terminus City's game centre where users can play minigames and win rewards.

6. DJ Control: Invited and featured guest DJs will hold immersive VR parties and provide users with a high-quality music experience.

7. Gates: The paths to the entire Ultiverse's gamefi world. Terminus City will act as the hub for the Ultiverse's metaverse platform.

This hub links quality blockchain games that users can access through Terminus City.

“Code:ES”, as well as access to more premium blockchain games.

8. Death Circle Bar: Terminus City's hottest venue where users can party, meet friends, exchange secrets, and have an exciting night out.


Unlike other metaverse projects, in terminus, the avatar you control can do much more than just walk around.

Our goal is to endow each avatar/user with the abilities and sensory experiences that humans already enjoy in “real life”.

9. Actions

a. Basic movements: standing, squatting, walking

b. Advanced moves: cartwheeling, climbing, driving, shooting, dancing, and more personalized moves

10. Functions

a. Trading

b. Shopping

c. Posting / completing tasks

d. Play mini-games

e. Listening to music

f. Social interactive chat

g. Construct and create

h. Changing clothes (equipment)

The avatar you control in Terminus can be a perfect replica of your identity in the real world and can be enjoyed within Terminus City.